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Blacksmith Guide

The blacksmith allows the player to repair and forge weapons.


The Garreg Mach blacksmith sets up her shop in the marketplace. Once you complete the "Forge the Way" quest in Chapter 5, her services will be available both while exploring the monastery and during the battle preparation screen. There is also a secondary blacksmith in the Abyss (Cindered Shadows DLC) with all the same capabilities as the one in the monastery.

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All weapons need Ores to be forged or repaired.

Obtaining Ores

Throughout the game, the player will get the chance to obtain various Ores. In order to forge and/or repair any weapon, you need to obtain the required Ores. In general, Ores can be obtained in the following ways.

  • Purchasing from the Eastern/Western/Shady Merchant
  • Quest rewards
  • Group assignments
  • Scattered across Garreg Mach during the Explore Phase
  • Breaking all barriers of a Demonic Beast

The following table lists all of the Ores in the game, along with where to find them.

Smithing StoneA basic smithing material.Merchants, quests, group assignments.
Black-Sand SteelA smithing material that strengthens a weapon's critical attack.Merchants, quests, group assignments.
Arcane CrystalA smithing material that glows with magical light.Merchants, quests, group assignments.
AgarthiumA smithing material refined using archaic methods.Demonic Beasts: Titanus, Giant Crawler (Monsters in the Desert aux. battle).
Wootz SteelA smithing material that is both light and durable.Demonic Beasts: Titanus, Giant Wolf.
MythrilA smithing material blessed with holy might.Demonic Beasts: Giant Bird, Golem.
Umbral SteelA smithing material steeped in the power of darkness.Aux. battle reward. Demonic Beasts: King of Beasts, other beasts also rarely drop it.
VenomstoneA highly toxic smithing material that should be handled with great care.Demonic Beasts: King of Beasts. Others unknown.


Weapons can be forged at the blacksmith to increase their effectiveness.

Forging Weapons

Most weapons can be forged into stronger versions of themselves, or sometimes into entirely different weapons. Forging a weapon will also repair it to full uses. The cost of forging a weapon is the same regardless of how damaged (or even broken) the original weapon was. Hence, it is recommended to forge your most used weapons, assuming you have multiples.

Forging always increases the durability of the weapon, and will usually increase some of the combat stats, such as Might, Hit, Crit, etc. Especially in the higher difficulties, good weapons can make all the difference, so it is recommended to forge your weapons as soon as possible to optimize your combat. Forging cheaper weapons is also pretty cheap, since most only require Smithing Stones which can be purchased at the Western Merchant at any time.

Rusted Weapons

While playing through the story, the player will encounter various rusted weapons. These weapons can be forged into a number of different things, the details of which can be seen on the description of the weapon. In general, rusted weapons can forge into the Iron, Steel, and Silver versions of themselves, the Brave version (except gauntlets), as well a "rare" version (also except gauntlets). You can view this data on each rusted weapon's page.

Forged Weapons Data

Select a weapon below to see its forging data: what it can be forged into, as well as the stat bonuses (if applicable). The same information can also be seen on any weapon's page, for example the Iron Sword.

Armorslayer+ (Sword Rank D)

Costs x10 Smithing Stone and 870G. Requires professor level D+.

25 +58100 +205 +5111


Broken and damaged weapons can be repaired at the blacksmith to restore full durability.

Repairing Weapons

Weapons can be repaired at any time while exploring the monastery or during the battle preparation screen. It costs exactly half of the weapon's buying gold to repair a weapon to full durability. Repairing a broken weapon, a heavily used one, and an almost brand new one all cost the exact same, so it's recommended to wait as long as possible before repairing your weapons.

Forged weapons can also be repaired, but it it will be significantly more costly, both in materials and gold.

Cost of Repairing Weapons

The table below lists the Ore and gold costs of repairing every weapon in the game (excluding Sword of the Creator). This information can also been seen on any weapon's page.

Armorslayer3x Smithing Stone725g
Armorslayer+5x Smithing Stone1087g
Athame3x Agarthium2500g
Blutgang3x Umbral Steel2500g
Brave Sword2x Wootz Steel1050g
Brave Sword+3x Wootz Steel1575g
Cursed Ashiya Sword5x Black-Sand Steel2500g
Cursed Ashiya Sword+8x Black-Sand Steel3750g
Dark Creator Sword5x Agarthium2500g
Devil Sword1x Agarthium650g
Devil Sword+2x Agarthium975g
Iron Sword2x Smithing Stone260g
Iron Sword+3x Smithing Stone390g
Killing Edge1x Black-Sand Steel735g
Killing Edge+2x Black-Sand Steel1102g
Levin Sword1x Arcane Crystal800g
Levin Sword+2x Arcane Crystal1200g
Mercurius10x Mythril2500g
Rapier3x Smithing Stone735g
Rapier+5x Smithing Stone1102g
Silver Sword5x Smithing Stone705g
Silver Sword+8x Smithing Stone1057g
Steel Sword3x Smithing Stone455g
Steel Sword+5x Smithing Stone682g
Sublime Creator Sword3x Umbral Steel3750g
Sword of Begalta3x Mythril2500g
Sword of Moralta3x Mythril2500g
Sword of Seiros3x Mythril2500g
Sword of the Creator2x Umbral Steel2500g
Sword of Zoltan4x Wootz Steel2500g
Sword of Zoltan+6x Wootz Steel3750g
Thunderbrand3x Umbral Steel2500g
Training Sword1x Smithing Stone130g
Training Sword+2x Smithing Stone195g
Venin Edge1x Venomstone2500g
Venin Edge+2x Venomstone3750g
Wo Dao3x Black-Sand Steel1350g
Wo Dao+5x Black-Sand Steel2025g
Areadbhar3x Umbral Steel2500g
Arrow of Indra2x Arcane Crystal2500g
Arrow of Indra+3x Arcane Crystal3750g
Blessed Lance1x Mythril770g
Blessed Lance+2x Mythril1155g
Brave Lance2x Wootz Steel1110g
Brave Lance+3x Wootz Steel1665g
Crescent Sickle2x Agarthium2500g
Crescent Sickle+3x Agarthium3750g
Gradivus10x Mythril2500g
Horseslayer3x Smithing Stone825g
Horseslayer+5x Smithing Stone1237g
Iron Lance2x Smithing Stone280g
Iron Lance+3x Smithing Stone420g
Javelin2x Smithing Stone350g
Javelin+3x Smithing Stone525g
Killer Lance1x Black-Sand Steel840g
Killer Lance+2x Black-Sand Steel1260g
Lance of Ruin3x Umbral Steel2500g
Lance of Zoltan4x Wootz Steel2500g
Lance of Zoltan+6x Wootz Steel3750g
Lúin3x Umbral Steel2500g
Scythe of Sariel3x Agarthium2500g
Short Spear1x Wootz Steel800g
Short Spear+2x Wootz Steel1200g
Silver Lance5x Smithing Stone780g
Silver Lance+8x Smithing Stone1170g
Spear2x Wootz Steel1200g
Spear+3x Wootz Steel1800g
Spear of Assal3x Mythril2500g
Steel Lance3x Smithing Stone455g
Steel Lance+5x Smithing Stone682g
Training Lance1x Smithing Stone140g
Training Lance+2x Smithing Stone210g
Venin Lance1x Venomstone2500g
Venin Lance+2x Venomstone3750g
Axe of Ukonvasara3x Mythril2500g
Axe of Zoltan4x Wootz Steel2500g
Axe of Zoltan+6x Wootz Steel3750g
Aymr3x Agarthium2500g
Bolt Axe1x Arcane Crystal960g
Bolt Axe+2x Arcane Crystal1440g
Brave Axe2x Wootz Steel1200g
Brave Axe+3x Wootz Steel1800g
Crusher3x Umbral Steel2500g
Devil Axe1x Agarthium650g
Devil Axe+2x Agarthium975g
Freikugel3x Umbral Steel2500g
Hammer3x Smithing Stone925g
Hammer+5x Smithing Stone1387g
Hand Axe2x Smithing Stone375g
Hand Axe+3x Smithing Stone562g
Hauteclere10x Mythril2500g
Iron Axe2x Smithing Stone300g
Iron Axe+3x Smithing Stone450g
Killer Axe1x Black-Sand Steel930g
Killer Axe+2x Black-Sand Steel1395g
Mace2x Smithing Stone360g
Mace+3x Smithing Stone540g
Short Axe1x Wootz Steel875g
Short Axe+2x Wootz Steel1312g
Silver Axe5x Smithing Stone870g
Silver Axe+8x Smithing Stone1305g
Steel Axe3x Smithing Stone490g
Steel Axe+5x Smithing Stone735g
Tomahawk2x Wootz Steel1275g
Tomahawk+3x Wootz Steel1912g
Training Axe1x Smithing Stone150g
Training Axe+2x Smithing Stone225g
Venin Axe1x Venomstone2500g
Venin Axe+2x Venomstone3750g
Blessed Bow1x Mythril770g
Blessed Bow+2x Mythril1155g
Bow of Zoltan4x Wootz Steel2500g
Bow of Zoltan+6x Wootz Steel3750g
Brave Bow2x Wootz Steel1110g
Brave Bow+3x Wootz Steel1665g
Failnaught3x Umbral Steel2500g
Iron Bow2x Smithing Stone280g
Iron Bow+3x Smithing Stone420g
Killer Bow1x Black-Sand Steel840g
Killer Bow+2x Black-Sand Steel1260g
Longbow1x Wootz Steel1075g
Longbow+2x Wootz Steel1612g
Magic Bow1x Arcane Crystal1000g
Magic Bow+2x Arcane Crystal1500g
Mini Bow3x Smithing Stone340g
Mini Bow+5x Smithing Stone510g
Parthia10x Mythril2500g
Silver Bow5x Smithing Stone780g
Silver Bow+8x Smithing Stone1170g
Steel Bow3x Smithing Stone455g
Steel Bow+5x Smithing Stone682g
Tathlum Bow3x Mythril2500g
The Inexhaustible3x Mythril2500g
Training Bow1x Smithing Stone175g
Training Bow+2x Smithing Stone262g
Venin Bow1x Venomstone2500g
Venin Bow+2x Venomstone3750g
Aura Knuckles2x Arcane Crystal2500g
Aura Knuckles+3x Arcane Crystal3750g
Dragon Claws3x Wootz Steel2500g
Dragon Claws+5x Wootz Steel3750g
Iron Gauntlets2x Smithing Stone240g
Iron Gauntlets+3x Smithing Stone360g
Killer Gauntlets3x Black Sand Steel2500g
Killer Gauntlets+5x Black Sand Steel3750g
Silver Gauntlets5x Smithing Stone645g
Silver Gauntlets+8x Smithing Stone967g
Steel Gauntlets3x Smithing Stone320g
Steel Gauntlets+5x Smithing Stone480g
Training Gauntlets1x Smithing Stone120g
Training Gauntlets+2x Smithing Stone180g
Vajra-Mushti3x Umbral Steel2500g
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