Three HousesThree Houses

Reunion at Dawn

Silver Snow, Chapter 13

Mission Overview

The monthly mission for Silver Snow, Chapter 13 is Hunting by Daybreak. Note: the following data is for Maddening mode, Normal/Hard mode may differ.


Victory ConditionDefeat Condition
Defeat PallardóByleth or Seteth dies or the player's army is routed

Initial Units



This data has not been recorded yet.


  • Turn 3: (Player) Dorothea and Caspar spawn in the top left, Petra spawns in the bottom left.
  • After reaching column 9 and after turn 3: (Player) Ferdinand, Bernadetta, and Linhardt spawn in the top right.

Obtainable Items

ArmorslayerChest A (check appendix).
Silver LanceChest B (check appendix).
Cursed Ashiya SwordChest C (check appendix).
Axe of UkonvasaraChest D (check appendix).
Concoction x4Dropped by enemy Thieves and enemy Mercenaries.
Antitoxin x2Dropped by an enemy Mercenary and an enemy Brawler.
Door Key x3Dropped by an enemy Thief, an enemy Brawler, and an enemy Assassin.
Chest Key x3Dropped by an enemy Thief and two enemy Archers.
Bullion x5Dropped by various enemies.
Silver SwordDropped by an enemy Mercenary.
Blessed BowDropped by an enemy Archer.
Silver BowDropped by an enemy Sniper (Maddening only).
Hexlock ShieldDropped by an enemy Assassin.
Leather ShieldDropped by an enemy Assassin.
Speed RingDropped by Pallardó.
Evasion Ring + BullionDropped by enemy reinforcements only if Pallardó spawns towards the top.


  • There is no Battle Preparation screen for this chapter. All inventory items are restored to full durability.
  • When the decoy Pallardó is defeated, the real one will spawn either above or below the original location. This is determined when the chapter starts.