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Cindered Shadows, Chapter 5

Mission Overview

The monthly mission for Cindered Shadows, Chapter 5 is Besieged in the Chapel Ruins. Note: the following data is for Hard mode, Normal mode may differ.


Victory ConditionDefeat Condition
Rout the enemyByleth, Yuri, Balthus, Constance, Hapi, or Aelfric dies or the player's army is routed

Initial Units



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  • Every even turn: 1 Paladin spawns from the top left corner.
  • On turn 2: 1 Sniper spawns near the Ballista.
  • On turn 3: 3 Snipers spawn from the top right corner.
  • All of the above reinforcements will stop if the Thief Leader is defeated.
  • After defeating Metodey or the Thief Leader: 1 Giant Bird spawns from the top right corner, 2 Giant Wolves spawns from the bottom middle.

Obtainable Items

Bullion x4Dropped by various enemies.
Large BullionDropped by Metodey.
Silver Sword+Chest.
VulneraryDropped by enemy Fortress Knight.
ConcoctionSteal from enemy Fortress Knight.
Iron ShieldSteal from enemy Fortress Knight.
Smithing Stone x10Automatically obtained at the end of the mission.


  • Balthus is isolated in the bottom left corner with a very weak Giant Bird.
  • Enemies will not approach Balthus unless he enter their aggro range.
  • Metodey will move if you enter his aggro range.
  • Defeating Metodey will Rattle all enemies.
  • The Thief Leader will start moving if any of his nearby units are aggro'd.
  • There is a Ballista that will go under enemy control starting from turn 2.