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Adjutants can be assigned to aid another deployed unit.

Overview of Adjutants

Adjutants are a mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and is reminiscent of the "support units" mechanic from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Deployed units that have adjutants assigned to them will gain certain advantages during in battle, as well as build support with the adjutant. The adjutant will also gain experience when their assigned deployed unit gains experience. Note that in classic mode, if the deployed unit dies, then the adjutant will not die. Units classed into a flying class can only be assigned another flier as an adjutant.

Number of Adjutants

The player first unlocks the ability to bring adjutants at professor level C. At first, only one adjutant may be assigned. This number goes up as the professor level rises. At professor level B, 2 adjutants become available; at professor level A+, a maximum of 3 adjutants can be assigned.

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Adjutant Rewards

Adjutants will gain partial experience, allowing them to be trained without taking up a deployment spot.

Level Experience

Adjutants will gain exactly 50% of the experience gained by their assigned deployed unit, rounded up. This includes all sources of experience, including battling, healing, other white magic spells, and dancing. Equipping an Experience Gem to the adjutant will apply the usual boosting effect.

Skill Experience

Adjutants will gain full skill experience (dependant on their current class), although they will not gain any authority experience. Class mastery experience is also gained in full. Similar to level experience, equipping a Knowledge Gem to the adjutant will apply the usual boosting effect to skill experience.


Adjutants and their assigned unit will gain support points as if they were fighting side by side. Hence, assigning adjutants is a good way to quickly build support levels during battle.

Adjutants in Combat

Adjutants occasionally make appearances during combat to help out their assigned unit.

Adjutant Follow Up

Adjutant follow up

Most classes are able to perform adjutant follow up attacks. On the player phase, there is chance that the adjutant performs a single follow up attack during each battle, after all other combat actions have taken place. For example, if an adjutant is assigned to a unit who attacks using gauntlets (and has enough AS to quadruple attack), the adjutant follow up attack may occur after all four gauntlet hits and after the enemy counter attack. The hit, damage, and crit are calculated as usual based on the adjutant's stats and equipment.

The percentage chance that an adjutant follow up attack occurs scales with support level between the two units. The table below lists all of the support levels and corresponding percentages.

Support LevelFollow Up Chance

Adjutant Guard

Adjutant guard

Adjutant Guard is the most powerful of the three adjutant combat possibilities. It will always reduce the damage of the second attack if the assigned unit gets doubled. Furthermore, if the second attack of a double attack would kill the assigned unit, Adjutant Guard will make them survive with 1 HP. This works even if the unit only had 1 HP to start with (rare). If the enemy is attacking with a brave weapon or gauntlets and has enough AS to quadruple hit, the Adjutant Guard effects will apply on the 3rd and 4th hit instead.

Adjutant Guard is limited to the following classes.

The amount of damaged reduced is a percentage depends on the support level between the two units. The table below lists all of the support levels and corresponding percentages.

Support LevelDamage Reduction

Adjutant Heal

Adjutant heal

Adjutant Heal will automatically heal the deployed unit when their HP reaches 50% or lower. The heal amount is equivalent to the amount that would be healed if the adjutant unit were to use the Heal spell. Abilities such as White Magic Heal +10, as well as the Healing Staff will take their normal effect. Relevant crests such as Cethleann will not activate however.

Adjutant Heal is limited to the following classes.

The number of times that Adjutant Heal can activate per battle depends on the support between the two units. The table below lists all of the support levels and corresponding activation amounts.

Support LevelActivations Per Battle
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